Kusel Equipment Co. Site Launch

Starkmedia is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Kusel Equipment Co.  Headquartered in Watertown, Wisconsin, Kusel has been in business for 170 years. Originally started as a tinware business in 1849, Kusel has grown to be an industry leader in stainless steel drainage products and cheese making equipment.

Starkmedia was approached by Celtic, Inc., a full-service advertising and public relations agency in Milwaukee, to be their partner on a website rebrand for Kusel and provide our web design and development expertise. 

For the new Kusel site, we created a sitemap, information architecture, and wireframes that incorporated design elements created by Celtic. As part of our partnership with Celtic, we took page designs provided by Celtic for Kusel and translated them to the web. Our design team provided guidance on the best practices for web design as well as concept direction. 

The site design marries the two product lines that Kusel manufactures—drainage and cheese making equipment—and better displays these products on the homepage. Following Kusel’s brand guidelines, we leveraged universal marketing banners and elements to showcase Kusel’s products. 

Features of the site include a resource library, video library, brochures, case studies, idea generator, and the ability to find a salesperson (for both of Kusel’s divisions). Our team programmed the site to serve up related products and custom ideas based on customer information. A focus was also placed on making the site speak to the industry which we achieved by creating industry pages designed for search engine optimization. Our team also helped the Kusel team by populating the website and loading all of their content into the site. 

The new website answers the question “Why Kusel” and shows customers why they should choose Kusel over any other competitor. With interactive banners and a more robust “Our Company” page, the new site highlights Kusel’s history and tells the story of the brand. 

The site was built on Magento 2 with the intention of setting up a structure that Kusel can use in the future for ecommerce. The project has now entered Phase 2 and our relationship with Celtic is ongoing as we work together to further the Kusel brand. 

Starkmedia is thrilled to present the new website for Kusel Equipment Co., created in partnership with Celtic, Inc.! 


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