At a Glance: SAP Hybris

Managing your ecommerce requires a strong PIM platform. This is especially true if you run a large business that conducts sales through multiple online channels. On top of managing your store and keeping your sales efforts consistently under control, you don’t have time for a platform that requires a lot of extra maintenance. Although there are many platforms that do a great job of managing and tracking ecommerce, today we’d like to introduce you to one in particular: SAP Hybris.

Why Choose SAP Hybris?
SAP Hybris is an ecommerce and product information management platform that is capable of handling multiple ecommerce channels for large businesses. In fact, omni-channel management is one of its main services. Built with Java, Hybris easily integrates with other systems and platforms to offer optimum support. Hybris also offers an extensive array of features, including API integration capability and the Commerce Accelerator. However, Hybris stands out from other PIM and ecommerce platforms because it can serve both B2C and B2B businesses with full functionality.

Starkmedia’s SAP Hybris Services
Our enterprise development team has configured product data within Hybris. We have also used Hybris in other enterprise platform configurations, including Adobe Experience Manager, to deliver product displays to consumer-facing websites.

If you would like to know more about SAP Hybris or start using it for your business, contact us. Our team is ready to answer your questions and help you start using SAP Hybris to manage your ecommerce and product information.