Ecommerce Close-Up: Magento and Shopify

A crucial component of your business’s success is your ability to sell online. In order to have a robust online sales operation, you need to have a shopping cart solution that meets your needs. Starkmedia clients have seen great success using several different ecommerce platforms. Here, we will highlight some key features of the two best ecommerce solutions: Magento and Shopify. Both are available in multiple editions that can meet the needs of any retailer, from small businesses to giant retailers with millions of dollars in revenue.


  • ecommerce solutionMagento is an open-source ecommerce solution, which makes it ideal for businesses that would like to host their own stores.
  • Magento has over 5,000 features and plugin options, both paid and free. Leverage your advanced development skills to fully customize Magento in nearly any way imaginable.
  • Magento offers unparalleled scalability, meaning you could potentially support thousands of customers and products.
  • If your business has an existing inventory or other backend system, it is likely compatible with Magento so the two can be integrated.
  • Magento offers multilingual support out-of-the-box.
  • Magento does not charge transaction fees.


  • ecommerce solutionShopify is a hosted ecommerce solution, which means that they will sell you a license to use their ecommerce software and host your website on their servers.
  • Shopify addresses the issues of technical resources by utilizing a menu-driven process for users to customize the look and feel of their site without modifying their backend code.
  • Have advanced technical skills? Shopify Plus grants access to the exclusive APIs, custom SSL based checkout, and early access to the latest upcoming platform features.
  • All upgrades happen automatically.
  • Additional fees may apply based on the level of agreement.

Both solutions use responsive templates for compatibility with mobile devices, and also come equipped with powerful SEO features and capabilities. Whether you run a small online sales operation or are a large online retail powerhouse, there is an ecommerce solution that can meet your needs. To find the ecommerce solution that is perfect for your business, contact Starkmedia today.