An Introduction to CRM

Do you want to close deals faster? Get instant information on potential sales deals, marketing campaigns, and account updates? Today, we’d like to discuss Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a key component in engagement marketing.

Why CRM?
CRMs are capable of improving a lot of different business functions. A CRM allows you to stay updated on sales progress, customer information, and more. You can automate key communications, saving your sales team valuable time and giving your customers appropriate information and calls-to-action at crucial selling points. You can also use a CRM to create a better picture of your sales endeavors and to analyze and measure your efforts.

A CRM also helps you maintain lead and customer information with consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. Better still, the information you keep in your CRM platform can be accessed and shared by anyone on your sales team. By integrating a CRM with your digital marketing efforts – including website, email, and search – you can create effective, comprehensive campaigns.

There are a number of versatile CRM platforms available, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. If you’d like to incorporate a CRM platform with your sales strategy or learn more about how you can benefit from a CRM platform, contact us. We’d love to help you gain a better understanding of what CRM platforms can do and help you start using one.