At a Glance: ForeSee

Customer experience data is invaluable for measuring your business’s online performance. Any good business seeks to understand its customers in order to improve its online presence, sales, and customer relations – but gathering the right information can be a challenge. Today, we’d like to introduce you to ForeSee, one of the most effective customer experience analysis products available.

Why Choose ForeSee?

ForeSee is a survey display product that allows you to understand your customers better. With this product, you can create timed surveys or surveys that appear after a certain number of page count interactions occur. ForeSee compiles all the data it collects into a detailed report that you can use however you need to. Unlike other survey products, ForeSee integrates directly with your website, which allows you to tailor survey questions to specific pages or points within a visitor’s experience.

Besides being thorough in its customer experience data collection and reporting, ForeSee is easy to use. ForeSee lets you interact with customer analytics and create surveys without the need for specialized tech assistance. It also simplifies the data collection process with customer-initiated surveys that collect ratings, reviews, and feedback.

Would you like to use ForeSee to gather customer experience data so you can improve your website, market more effectively, or increase sales? Contact Starkmedia today. We would be happy to help you set up ForeSee and interpret the analytics reports you generate.