At a Glance: Hulu Ad Manager

In the US, Hulu is the most popular ad-supported TV streaming service with 112 million viewers tuning in each month. With the increasing popularity of streaming and decreasing demand for cable, including streaming ads in your marketing strategy is important for reaching the right viewers that will matter most to your business. With flexible budgets and great options for targeting audiences by location, gender, age, interests, and streaming habits, Hulu Ad Manager is a viable choice for anyone looking to expand the reach of their business.

The ability to target audiences by ZIP code, designated marketing area, city, and state is a major advantage of using Hulu Ad Manager. Targeting local customers can be difficult with other forms of advertising, but Hulu Ad Manager makes it easy for businesses to reach new customers as they binge their favorite TV and movies. Hulu Ad Manager can help businesses of all sizes reach new customers on Hulu, as campaigns can start with flexible budgets as low as $500.

Advertisements on Hulu Ad Manager can run from 15 to 30 seconds and Starkmedia can help you create effective ads that will work for your business. Additionally, Hulu Ad Manager has a reporting feature that helps track the performance of campaigns, which is important for developing future ads and determining what’s effective and what could be improved. Starkmedia can help analyze these results to ensure your campaign reaches the right customers to help grow your business.

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