HTTPS: Why you Need to Make the Switch

As a business in this day and age, it’s your responsibility to not only keep the contents of your website secure, but also to maintain the privacy of your online visitors. While this may sound like a difficult and pricey task, switching from HTTP to HTTPS is an easy and affordable way to achieve this website protection.


HTTP, which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, is defined  as “a set of standards that allow users of the World Wide Web to exchange information found on web pages.” HTTPS is the protected version of this, with the “S” standing for secure. Unlike the HTTP, HTTPS encrypts your online connection, keeping hackers away. Here are three reasons you should make the switch to HTTPS.

 1.  It provides website security

When your website utilizes HTTPS, you can be sure that the content of your website isn’t tampered with, and your audience is getting the information that you intend them to see. It guarantees the integrity of your site content, and verifies your identity to site users. Without this extra layer of protection, intruders can install malware, exploit site content such as cookies and images, and even place advertisements on your site without your permission. HTTPS guarantees that transactions between browsers and sites are both private and secure.

 2.  It ensures user privacy

Not only should you use HTTPS for the safety of your website, but also for the privacy of your site users. Because HTTPS encrypts the connection, users are protected from various types of Internet surveillance. Hackers can learn sensitive information about the behaviors and identities of users by eavesdropping on unsuspecting users connecting to HTTP websites.  While many people assume that only websites that deal with sensitive communications need HTTPS, this is not the case. Websites of all nature can reveal sensitive information about the people visiting it.

3.  It gives you a SEO boost

Because Google aims to make the Internet a safer place for users and website owners alike, they  announced back in August 2014 that they are using HTTPS as a ranking signal for search in an effort they call “HTTPS Everywhere.” In other words, they are rewarding websites that utilize HTTPS, helping them rank higher in search. While it isn’t a huge rank factor, Google also announced in December that it would now be indexing HTTPS pages by default, which will also increase search performance.

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