Bring Your Analytics to the Next Level

Google Analytics has a new platform that includes many upgrades from the standard Universal Analytics that can greatly improve your understanding of your clients and how they interact with your website. Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics next year, so it’s important to make sure that you have the new property set up on your website. 

July 1, 2023, is when Universal Analytics will stop processing and collecting new data, from this date you will have at least six months to access and export your historical reports. After this period of time, you will no longer be able to see your Universal Analytics reports in your Analytics interface. 

Some upgraded features in Google Analytics 4 include:

  • Automated Insights – This will analyze your data automatically and surface insights on major data changes as anomalies over time.
  • Custom Insights – Create custom sets of rules to generate insights, once these rules are met you’ll automatically receive an email notification.
  • Predictive Capabilities – Analyze customer activity with predictive metrics
  • Upgraded Search – Search allows you to search for instant answers, reports, admin pages, insights, and many more.

With upgrading to Google Analytics 4 today, not only will you receive these new features, but you will also have continual data past the date when Universal Analytics expires. At Starkmedia, we encourage you to make the switch to Google Analytics 4 sooner rather than later. By upgrading sooner, you can build the necessary historical data and usage in the new experience, preparing you for continuity once Universal Analytics is no longer available.