Automatic Success: Improve Your Conversion Rates with Email Automation

When most people think of email automation, they usually think of receiving impersonal spam mail with greetings such as “hello, valued customer” or “come back, we’ve missed you!” While there are plenty of impersonal automation tactics out there, email automation can also generate a personal relationship with your customer base. Here are a few sure-fire email automation methods to gain a connection with your leads, and keep them interested in your company.

Sending a Welcome Email

Email AutomationA new lead has in one way or another provided you with an email address, and you want to show them your appreciation and begin to form a relationship. This is a common practice that not only most companies utilize, but also that consumers have come to expect. However, there are ways to take your welcome email above and beyond with email automation. One way to immediately provide relevant information to your lead is by sending certain messaging based upon how you obtained their email address. For example, if you received an email address because a lead subscribed to your newsletter, a welcome message could also include previous articles that your business has shared in order to get the new subscriber caught up. Alternatively, if you received a lead’s email because they are a first time shopper, you can accompany your welcome messaging with a discount on their next purchase. Immediate segmentation allows your lead to be nurtured with the most personal information right from the start.

Analyzing Purchasing Habits 

Email automation can also be utilized by analyzing the purchasing habits of each individual consumer. Once a customer buys a new item, many companies will automatically send an email receipt summarizing the purchase made. A great way to incentivize future purchases is to also provide similar items that are related to the recent purchase that the customer may be interested in. Another method of forming a genuine connection with a consumer based on purchasing habits is to provide special care instructions and helpful follow-ups for purchases of big-ticket items that may have a learning curve. Rewarding frequent spenders and gathering feedback will only further improve your conversion rates.

Tracking Website Behavior

 In addition to tracking the purchasing habits of consumers, analyzing how they are navigating your site can also maintain a connection. What are the sections that they are repeatedly viewing? How frequently are they interacting with your site? All of these behaviors can be integrated into an email automation strategy, and personalize the experience for each individual. For example, if a consumer is frequently viewing one or two sections on your company page, you can send them a newsletter that is only filled with articles that are relevant to their interests. Similarly, if a lead has not viewed your website in a while, an email can be automatically sent to them that includes deals and discounts in order to incentivize him or her to make a conversion.

Are any of these email automation programs something your company could benefit from? Starkmedia’s team of experts can help you develop a plan to ensure your continuous digital success.