Email Marketing

Image Name Email marketing can be used effectively to announce promotions, sales, and events via an e-newsletter or to create strategic email campaigns. Automated forms of email engagement, integrated within a CMS or eCommerce solution, are a great catalyst for encouraging repeat visitors and increasing online purchase opportunities.

Whether your campaign goals are focused on creating brand awareness or increasing site traffic, Starkmedia works with multiple platforms to utilize email as an effective marketing tool to increase sales and leads. Starkmedia's design and marketing specialists have vast experience delivering strategic campaigns and remarketing efforts through custom and enterprise-level email applications including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, IBM Marketing Cloud, and Constant Contact.

Landing Page Optimization

By creating unique pages with limited navigation and a clear marketing message, email traffic can be more accurately converted through a lead form or direct sale and properly tracked to measure campaign ROI. Starkmedia has experience creating and tracking highly optimized landing pages utilizing the industry's leading platforms.

Remarketing Email Automation

By integrating and customizing existing CMS and eCommerce platform automated email delivery, Starkmedia has experience with email remarketing delivery helping to reduce cart abandonment and creating targeted, suggestive follow-up emails based on visitor activity.

CRM Integration and Lead Management

Once campaigns and automated delivery processes are in place, it is crucial for any marketer to filter and track email-generated traffic to optimize conversions of sales and leads, ensuring your efforts are effective. Starkmedia has experience implementing CRM marketing solutions including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, which consume leads generated from your website and guide them through your internal sales and businesses process for conversion to sale.


  • Email Template Design
  • List Management
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Cart Abandonment and Behavioral Remarketing
  • Lead Management and CRM
  • Analytics Insights and Reporting

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