Targeted Online Campaigns in a Year of Cancelled Trade Shows

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COVID-19 has changed the way many industries operate. With trade shows being canceled or moved online, marketing teams are scrambling to meet their goals. One way marketers can remain on track with their goals is by running targeted online campaigns, whether it’s targeted paid search or the creation of a specialized content site. Specialized “Trade Show” sites deliver special product info and news to potential and current customers for a limited time. They can be designed to feel like an event that customers do not want to miss out on.

Putzmeister America Presents

Starkmedia is helping Putzmeister America, a global leader in concrete and material placing equipment, create product line campaign sites to focus their message and audience. These sites can be a cost-effective way to share specific product lines or announcements to a narrow audience and capture the leads and engagement needed to thrive.

With the “Trade Show” site, Putzmeister has the ability to communicate product line updates and company news and events. The site contains relevant content that speaks directly to the audience they would originally have targeted through trade shows. Our team developed it specifically to share concise information about product lines that can serve as a destination for campaign traffic. Another feature of the new site is a contact form for lead capture. Thanks to their new online experience, Putzmeister can generate new leads online, instead of losing out on business because of cancelled trade shows.

For companies like Putzmeister, it’s important to let your current and potential customers know that you’re still open for business. During this current environment, specialized content sites are a great way to reach your target audience and directly serve them the information they’re looking for.

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“In the Booth” features timely content including new product information and financing promotions.

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