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At Starkmedia, we’re not just transforming movie theaters; we’re revolutionizing the entire cinematic experience. Our commitment to excellence in the industry is reflected in our cutting-edge approach, seamlessly integrating technology and creativity. Specializing in mobile-first web design, we collaborate with industry-specific platforms to propel your theater into a league of its own.

Our collaboration with Vista goes beyond the ordinary, empowering us to craft visitor experiences that transcend the conventional. Picture this: an intuitive platform that not only delivers showtimes and ticketing functionality but also seamlessly integrates loyalty programs, ensuring your patrons keep coming back for more. With Movio, we take engagement to new heights through CRM and marketing automation, fostering a connection with your audience that extends beyond the silver screen. And with Row8, the magic extends to homes, where movie enthusiasts can stream both new releases and timeless classics.

Immerse your visitors in a tailored experience, managing ticketing, menus, and event information across multiple locations. Starkmedia ensures that each visitor feels a connection to your theater based on their detected location and proximity to the nearest theaters. Ready to elevate your cinematic venture? Contact Starkmedia today and learn how we can assist with your next project.

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