User Research

Leveraging data and insights from analytics, market assessment, and keyword analysis.

Strategic Planning

We leverage data and insights to understand your audience and drive your brand’s strategy. Beginning with market research and keyword analysis based on your particular project, our teams are able to determine a competitive assessment and a strategic direction. From there, we develop user personas and incorporate usability testing on all project functions. Once the process is complete, we analyze and interpret the data collected through our analytics department.

Utilizing Google Analytics and Adobe Target, we determine exactly what is working and what can be improved.

Usability Testing

When operating multivariate A/B testing to track visitor interactions with changing site content, your marketing ideas can be vetted by actual users and decisions made based on data rather than guesswork and assumptions.

Survey Integration

Receiving targeted feedback from site visitors can be a valuable tool in understanding user experience. Starkmedia has experience integrating tools, such as Foresee, which display and accept targeted survey responses at key points in a visitor’s session.

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